MAIDENS, MYTHS AND MERMAIDS 40 Stained Glass Patterns


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Raamat on inglise keelne, kogu tekst on illustreeritud kaunite  vitraazikavandite ja fotodega.

Maidens, Myths & Mermaids from Wardell Publications stained glass introduces 40 designs for stained glass windows with scenes from mythology and history that are realistically translated into art glass designs. For centuries people have used mythology to describe and explain many great events of human experience. The 40 spellbinding stained glass panels in this collection illustrate the legends of love, adventure, exploration, and conquest. They examine the folklore of the Mermaid, of chivalrous Knights, dancing Maidens, Kings on horseback, consorts, musicians, lovers and so much more. Descriptive text accompanies each design providing a fascinating insight into the artists challenge and offers solutions with hints and tips for glass selection and project strategy. Every project includes the pattern line drawing. 24 projects are shown fabricated with a color photograph while the remaining 16 are rendered as a textured line drawing with color suggestions. Plus 2 designs are provided as full size patterns printed on a bonus pullout page in the back of the book. The author presents an overview of how she turns an oil painting into a stained glass design, plus detailed instructions on how to enlarge a pattern drawing.

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